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We are a BIMcommUNITY for Africa.


The aim is to encourage BIM adoption across the continent. Our commUNITY is open to anyone passionate about driving and promoting the adoption of BIM across the continent, across all sectors and industries, from the smallest practitioners to the largest Government departments.


The community is vendor-agnostic; it’s about bringing all technologies and solutions to the table and allowing the Community to choose what suits them and their context best. We believe that together we have the wisdom, knowledge, insight, expertise, passion and willingness to collectively raise the BIM tide throughout Africa. As such there is no registration fee. The BIMcommUNITYAfrica is built by its members, for its members. 


Our CommUNITY was birthed towards the end of 2018 and below are some of pioneering souls whove thrown their weight, talent and commitment into raising the BIM tide across Africa. Join us!


We raise the BIM tide

for everyone.

We believe that we all win, if we all win. Every member of our Community contributes, in their small way, towards improving the BIM environment for others. Through sharing their knowledge, lobbying clients on the benefits of BIM, creating opportunities to have the important conversations about BIM that were not having.


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

We don’t believe in rulebooks or 500 dos and donts. But we are very clear on how we engage with each other in this BIMcommUNITY.

We follow our GIVE principle:

G : Generous and Discreet

 I  : Inspirit (Cheer, Stimulate)

V  : Value (every voice counts)

E  : Equality (leave your shoes, ego and agendas at the door)

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