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Update on ISO19650 Part 2 - National Annex Briefing

by Rudd van Deventer

ISO 19650-1 has been published as SANS 19650-1. This is something we have been working on since 2019 and have achieved with thanks to a Technical Committee that should not have been involved, (more about that later).

The ISO 19650-2 National Annex for South Africa needs to be prepared. It is important that we discuss this upfront and do some work in preparation as once it is open to the public there will be all manner of people who will get involved in order to steer the debate and we need to have already formed a view.

A national annex does not add any additional requirements but enables each standards body to provide clarification on the information standards or production methods and procedures to be adopted when implementing the ISO 19650 series in that country or region. I have collected as much information as I can on the UK's National Annex which was published in 2018 with their BS EN ISO 19650 parts 1 and 2. They have recently found it necessary to update their Annex and there is more information available on that front.

We are working in MS Teams with a linked Notebook. Please ask Angela ( to share the link with you. The Notebook is under Documents > General, see below. I have populated the Notebook with my musings and links that you can add to and add your own.

In addition, I have uploaded some documents. In Teams, click on files under Documents > General > ISO 19650, see below again.

Essentially, we need to look through ISO 19650 Parts 1 and 2 to see if there are terminology, practice or process differences that we need to explain. There is a lot to go through so set some time aside and download the documents to your own computer. Please remember that you CANNOT distribute the ISO 19560-1_2018(en).pdf and ISO 19560-2_2018(en).pdf to anybody! So only read on-line and do not download.

As a separate issue we need to look at the contracts we regularly use in the construction industry, JBCC, NEC3 and Procsa.

Hope this helps everyone to get up to speed.

Some links

What must the National Annex cover?

What lessons can we learn from other countries who have drawn up a National Annex?


PS: If you would like to join the ISO19650 Working Group, please get in touch with

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