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Our first Community Podcast

Updated: May 21, 2020

We are excited to share our very first BIM Podcast with you! We believe in the power of conversation, of bringing different voices to the table. We'd started with our BIM unconferences and our first BIMmoot, but with Covid19 we've had to adapt, like everyone else. And so our podcasts will not just be experts sharing information, but conversations between passionate BIM-mers from diverse disciplines having honest and interesting conversations about BIM topics that are pertinent to our Community.

Our first podcast touches on the challenges that we have been experiencing in the construction industry prior to the Covid19 Lockdown and the 'what now' for BIM and our industries.

The adoption of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the construction and infrastructure industry has been an ongoing challenge. Within each project team there are roleplayers who do not fully understand the benefits and advantages of BIM. As a result the ability to meet these BIM deliverables from the design to construction and, ultimately, the handover phase are not properly monitored and executed.

Our intrepid community members who formed our first conversation group are: Herman Walsh, Izak van der Merwe, Jacques van der Westhuizen, Jani Viljoen, Leon van Rensburg, Louis Viljoen, Nicholas Karassavas and Marlise Jordaan. The conversation was wonderfully moderated by Jay Moolman.

Take a listen and we'd love to hear your comments and insights into the topics they touch on.


This is just the first of many. Below is a list of topics for our upcoming Podcasts:

• The Benefits of BIM and the implementation in our industries

• BIM and Contractual Obligations

• BIM Deliverables and Stages of Work

• Standardisation and Classification in South Africa using the ISO Standards

If you would like to participate in any of these podcasts, or have ideas for topics we might not have included, please get in touch with Angela at

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