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In Conversation. EP5 - 16 July 2020

We are excited to bring to you Episode 5 of our ‘In Conversation’ podcast Series! In this episode we dive into the topic of Digital twins – is it possible and is this the next step for BIM?

Digital twins can be summarized as a digital model which replicates a physical building which is linked to data regarding its physical assets and processes. The link and exchange of information between the virtual model and physical model is key to what categorizes a project as a digital twin. The benefits of these models would be extracted in the facility or asset management of the building going forward. Despite the popularity of the term, we are still have a long way to go.

"One of the digital buzzwords of the last three years is the "Digital Twin" - a mythical, virtual replica of, well you name it, that is intelligent, looks amazing, and will transform the world forever! Ja, we've all hear that fairy tale before. We don't believe in cinderella or her pumpkin-carriage! But maybe there is some truth to the rumours. Maybe it is possible, and maybe this is the next step for BIM? Tune in to hear the BIMcommUNITY discussion, where we will share what we've heard, what we know and what we're curious about.” - Richard Matchett

Listen in to the BIM community discussion, where we will share what we've heard, what we know and what we're curious about. Our team of panellists are: Richard Matchett, Janine Strachan, Rudd van Deventer, Craig Howie, Herman Walsh, Andrew Mason, Rudd van Deventer, Craig Howie with Jay Moolman stepping in as our moderator.

This is just the first instalment in the Digital Twin conversation. There’s still so much more to unpack and we’re eager to include other voices. If you’re passionate about Digital Twins and their potential and would like to contribute to future podcasts, please get in touch with Angela at

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