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In Conversation. EP2 - 28 May 2020

We're excited to share Episode 2 of our BIMcommUNITY.Africa ‘In Conversation’ podcast Series with you.

Time and again we see big construction projects run over-schedule and over-budget. The under-investment of information technology in the construction sector has been part of the reason for this. The lack of economic growth and investment has been damaging to the construction industry, forcing some companies to retrench staff or close their construction divisions.

The questions that were posed to our panelists were:

  • Why hasn't technology been adopted intelligently, and to scale, in the built environment?

  • What are some of the problems that the construction industry has been facing?

  • How has COVID-19 impacted the journey to digital transformation?

What followed was a fascinating conversation about not putting the technology cart before the people/process/workflow horse but ensuring that technology is used intelligently to solve real challenges and needs. We were blessed with measured and insightful contributions from very diverse voices: Sean Godoy, Ginika Egwuonwu, Nick Tenner, Richard Matchett, Vere Shaba, Patrick Katabua and Andrew Mason. The conversation was, once again, expertly moderated by Jay Moolman.

Listen to our panelist's rich BIM insights and be sure to share your comments with us.

If you would like to participate in future ‘In Conversation’ podcasts, or have suggestions for topics to cover in our upcoming podcasts, please get in touch with Angela at

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