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Implementing the ISO19650 standard in South Africa

BIMcommUNITY.Africa was recently invited to a webinar with Oracle where our speakers addressed the ISO19650 standard and its implications for BIM in South Africa.

Gary Mansfield started off with an overview of ISO19650,

Richard Matchett explored its role in assisting information management from design to operations,

Rudd van Deventer (who heads up our ISO19650 working group) explained why SA needs a national annexe and where we are in getting ISO19650 adopted as a national standard by the SABS,

Machiel Odendaal shed light on how companies can begin preparing themselves for ISO19650,

and Eben van Wyk shared how to leverage an ISO19650 certified common data environment (CDE) using Oracle’s Aconex.

The webinar was ably hosted by Werner Maritz and we hope the information shared in this webinar will shed some light on ISO19650 and its implementation.

You can watch the webinar here.

If you’d like to join our ISO19650 working group and contribute to developing our national annex, please get in touch with

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