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Bringing BIM mainstream in South Africa

by Rudd van Deventer

Progress with the declaration of ISO 19650 as a national Standard has been ongoing. SANS 19650-1:2022 Edition 1 was published as a SANS in September 2022. SANS 19650-2's Public Enquiry phase ended on 27 March 2023. SANS 19650-3 was published for public comment on 23 March 2023 and this period closes on 25 May 2023. a draught is available at SABS - DRAFTS and search for 19650.

The work has been undertaken by Technical Committee 267 (Facilities Management) of SABS after Technical Committee 59 opted out.

The BimcommunityAfrica has been working in the industry to bring together support for the adoption of ISO 19650 and BIM in general for several years and the latest in a series of Codesa events. These events bring together key parties across the industry to introduce the benefits and necessities that are part of Building Information Management - BIM.

It is critical for non-technical people working in the property industry to understand the advantages of adopting BIM as a technology beyond simply using the authoring software to create the BIM model. Properly used, the downstream benefits of BIM will outweigh the costs and lead to efficiencies throughout the lifespan of the asset, building or infrastructure.

The next Phase for adoption will be the National Annex - ZA which will define the standards and convention that South Africa will follow.

If you are interested in being a part of the ISO19650 working group, please send a mail to

The beating heart of Facilities Management in this image from the ISO19650

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