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BIM Sandwich workshop 5 Dec 2019

What on earth is a BIM Sandwich?

If we see everyone in the BIM mix (architects, construction professionals, engineers, quantity surveyors etc) as the filling in the sandwich you will realise that the 2 slices of bread holding the sandwich together are missing. They are the property owners and facilities managers. The ones who commission the work and the ones who need to manage the asset.

We'd begun having our first conversations at the end of November at a BIM dinner which brought some of these roleplayers together.

And on the 5th of December 2019 we had our first workshop, aimed at bringing these parties together to begin unpacking the role of BIM in their context and what was needed to begin collaborating properly.

There are another 3 sessions planned for this year, so if you’d like to attend please send a mail to Angela:

Each group was given the opportunity to explore 2 questions:

  1. What value could we get from BIM in 2030?

  2. In order for that to happen, what must be true in 2023?

Those 2 questions allowed the groups to work back towards action steps we need to take today to move us toward 2023 and 2030.







The last session was the development of some practical action steps:

The workshop was hosted by Aecom, facilitated by Aurecon and refreshments were sponsored by Autodesk.

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