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BIM COnvention for a Digital South Africa

On Thursday 20 April, BIMcommUNITY.Africa will be hosting the BIM CODE•SA Workshop – Convention for a Digital South Africa. Laying the foundation for the digital transformation of South Africa’s built environment.

Building Information Modelling, or Better Information Management, BIM, holds tremendous potential to boost project delivery during all phases of projects, for the benefit of project stakeholders and ultimate users of those built assets. The skills, processes and technologies required are already widely used in South Africa. Our industry is poised and ready for wholesale adoption of this transforming approach to development. What we need is a national policy to create an environment for all the stakeholders to operate within to deliver the benefits to our citizens.

The BIM Community Africa (BCA) has undertaken a number of key actions to pave the way for the creation of such a policy. BCA have established a network of professionals related to the built environment, representing public sector, private sector and education. These professionals operate in various domains, ranging from planning and policy to architecture, engineering, construction and facilities management. Through this active network, BCA have championed the adoption of the ISO19650 standard by the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS). The process of adoption by SABS is well underway with the first three of the modules of this 5-part standard, having already been circulated for industry comment.

These activities by the BCA have created a groundswell of interest and awareness of the potential benefits of BIM implementation to the South African construction sector. The topic of BIM adoption has been studied by various tertiary institutions, answering the question “why is BIM not adopted more widely?” Consistently, the findings point to the absence of a South African Policy about the use of BIM in South Africa. Anecdotal evidence within the BCA at its various conferences and meetings supports these findings, and has led to this BIM CODE•SA Initiative.

The vision of the BIM CODE•SA is to commence with the process to develop A BIM Policy, by the South African AEC industry, for adoption by the Cabinet of the Republic of South Africa. The policy should define the Roadmap for meaningful implementation of BIM in the Built Environment of South Africa, for the benefit of its citizens.

The development of a policy is clearly defined in the National Policy Development Framework (NPDF 2020). Policy development will require a Task Team to drive the process, involving key stakeholders, subject matter experts, policy drafters, industry professionals, representatives from government departments, educators and researchers. This is a mammoth task.

It is with this vision in mind that we host our workshop on Thursday 20 April that will be a collective first step towards this policy development, during which we will discuss the need for this policy, identify the key benefits of the policy, and establish a Task Team that will drive this policy development.

We will keep you updated on the outcomes, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you’re updated on developments.

If you’d like to be a part of this initiative, please contact

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