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Appointment of 3 Executive Directors

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

From L to R: Rob Thane, Director, Lyt Architects; Richard Smedley-Williams, Chief Executive Officer, Baker Baynes; Marius Bierman, VDC Manager, Murray and Dickson Construction

BIMcommUNITY.Africa is pleased to announce the appointment of three new Executive Directors.

They replace Richard Matchett and German Bodenbender, two founding members of our Community.

We’d like to thank Richard and German for their dedication, passion and willingness to leap into the exciting task of helping to create and grow a community dedicated to Raising the BIM Tide.

Thank you to Rob Thane, Richard Smedley-Williams and Marius Bierman, who will help extend our community’s reach and influence to ensure that BIM becomes a reality for our built environment. They each bring with them considerable industry experience and insights and we are excited for the period of growth that lies ahead, both for our community and the practice of BIM.

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